History, Family, and Service: A Meat Raffle for Local Fire Company


When OSC team members volunteer in their local communities, they choose to serve in ways that hit close to home. For Vicki Koglmeier, Vice President of Claims & Loss Administration, and Katie Radtke, Loss Draft Associate II, this could not ring truer than a firehouse alarm. 

Vicki and Katie recently volunteered their time through the company’s Bettering the Community Service Initiative, a program where employees of Steamboat Group can use 10 hours of community service time per year to support 501c3 causes close to their hearts. They served at a West Seneca, New York, meat auction to benefit their local volunteer fire department. 

Steeped in history, the annual auctioning of pork chops, steaks, chicken, sausages, and more dates back to the very early 1900s. It’s a Western New York tradition.  

In total, this year’s auction raised over $5,000 for the Seneca Hose Fire Company, a fire house fully run by volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel. This company protects OSC’s West Seneca office.  

What may seem like a fun, annual tradition goes even deeper for both team members. Vicki’s dad has been a volunteer firefighter for 53 years, and her husband is one of the local volunteer fire chiefs. 

I grew up – and am raising my family the same – where if a fire or EMS call happens, my dad would leave whatever we were doing to go help,” Vicki said. “This often meant cold dinners for my dad or leaving in the middle of an event or activity because someone was in trouble. It can be hard on families knowing that mom or dad might have to go at a moment’s notice, but our volunteer firefighters truly exemplify putting others first and loving others well when they go to fight the fire or help the injured.”  

In 2011, Vicki joined the Seneca Hose Ladies Auxiliary, which supports the firefighters by hosting meals, family parties, and other activities to help the families feel connected to their firefighter’s life passion. Katie has been a member for 13 years.  

It has been an honor to help the men and women of Seneca Hose, especially my brother who has been a firefighter for over 20 years,” said Katie. “I really enjoy the camaraderie with the ladies and helping raise money for the Fire company to complete the amazing work they do for our community.” 

“One of my favorite things to help with is our Spring and Fall Meat Raffle,” she added. “This event is always a great time and a great way to raise funds for Seneca Hose to buy the equipment they need.” 

When it comes down to basics, you can’t separate the meat raffle from the importance of family and tradition. 

“Many firefighters in our community are second or third generation – my husband being a second generation and my brother being a third-generation firefighter,” Vicki said. “On Christmas Day in 2021, our local highway garage started on fire just after 2 A.M. Imagine missing your kids opening their presents on Christmas Day. Its moments like that, that we hope we can help in the littlest way to help the families know the importance of the work their firefighter does.” 

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