OSC and Partners Host ‘Portfolio Risks’ Webinar May 7th


OSC, Newmark, and CoreLogic are teaming up to host the webinar panel “Portfolio Risks Are Increasing… Now What?” on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, at 2 P.M. EST.

The 45-minute webinar panel will feature relevant and timely topics on the ever-growing risks financial institutions are facing, including the following:

  • Financial institutions’ current pain points
  • Insurers leaving the market
  • Coverages decrease while deductibles increase
  • Geographical analysis; climate change and risk; impact on flood coverages
  • Affordability
  • Annual claims percentages for bankers, servicers, and lenders
  • Flood compliance
  • Flood exam components
  • The future of the market

Alongside the expert analysis, panelists will answer attendee questions during a Q&A session at the end of the panel discussion.

The six panelists sharing insight at the “Portfolio Risks Are Increasing… Now What?” panel include:

  • José Perez de Corcho – Executive Vice President at OSC
  • Don Curtis – SVP of Business Development at OSC
  • David Risdon – Executive Vice President, Valuation & Advisory at Newmark
  • David Wolter – Executive Vice President, Loan Portfolio Solutions, Valuation & Advisory at Newmark
  • Joseph Povasec – Executive Vice President, Bank Credit Risk Solutions, Valuation & Advisory at Newmark
  • George Gallagher – Principal: ESG, Climate Risk, Natural Hazard and Spatial Solutions

Take advantage of this free webinar panel to be more fully prepared for what your portfolio may face in the future. Register here.

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